A self initiated project to explore the movement and setup for organic flower motion inside of Houdini.
Heavily inspired by the work of xk.studio and their talk Design x Simulation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeuo5DjRsq0&t=2058s - great watch!
In the following two renders, I wanted to explore some more natural look. The Base is pure SSS but modified with attributes from SOP aswell as shader level. 
At first I created two different petals, and through a bit of vex it was possible to use the bend deformer on each individual petal no matter of their position or orientation or pointcount.
In the next step the flower had to be simmed to give it some organic motion.
The organic secondary motion was achieved through manipulating parameters like restlength and stiffness while following the motion of the bend deformer. Also adding some slight/subtle turbulence helped to get non uniform motion.
After I had the full animation, I created some additional parts like a "thing" in the middle and also a flower stem and some strands that open up while the flower opens.
The main challenge was to have all these individual sims working together.
In the last step I added some hair to the strands in the middle of the flower as well as the stem to give it that natural/organic touch.
Thanks for watching!

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